2015-2017 Do-In Yoga Teacher (Do-In Academy, Leiden NL)

2016 Do-In Yoga Teacher for pregnant women (Do-In Academy, Leiden, NL)


2018 Licensed Shiatsu Masseur

(Academy for Traditional Chinese Medicine Qing-Bai, Amsterdam, NL)

2019 -2022 Currently studying Master In Acupuncture 

(Middle Way Acupuncture Institute, Seattle, US)

My Story


In 2014 I read an article about Do-In yoga and started doing the published exercises every day. After 4 weeks I started to feel much more energetic and mentally more at ease. I wanted to understand why these exercises were so powerful. When I found out that there was an academy in the Netherlands where I could learn more about Do-In, I was sold.

That was the beginning of my journey into the world of Eastern medicine. From there I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and became a Do-In yoga teacher and licensed Shiatsu masseur. I continue my dream to have my own practice and embarked on a three year Master in Acupuncture. Eventually, I want to open an integrated practice, combining acupuncture treatments with diet/lifestyle advice and Do-In exercises.

I believe taking care of your health is not finished with a visit to a doctor. There are many small things you can do daily to aid your healing and I want to embark on this journey together with my patients. 

For some years I have also read and written about high sensitivity. With Do-In yoga exercises I found tools to support my sensitive body and feel healthier and more balanced. 

Acupuncture and Do-In have their roots in Taoism. Tao is the path to living in harmony with nature and the universe. 

Tao wisdom was born out of my aim to share what I am learning from my studies of Eastern medicine and from my experience as a highly sensitive person. 

On my blog and Facebook page, you will find information, exercises, food and living tips to live more in harmony with yourself and the universe.


A healthy body, a healthy mind.