"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Lao Tzu

Meet Sabine


I believe a healthy body and mind is the path to being able to enjoy life.  


Tao wisdom brings you insights, exercises, living tips and therapeutic bodywork from oriental medicine. With its gentle approach, preventative character and aim to support self-healing, oriental medicine is very much suited to aid our well-being.  

I want to support you in your journey to take charge of your health and live more in harmony with yourself.

For free exercises and insights from Traditional Chinese medicine practices check out my blog.

For a personalised exercise program and shiatsu bodywork session check out my services. 

Tips & High Sensitivity


My blog focuses on daily exercises and other tips to promote well-being. 

I also write about high sensitivity and parenting highly sensitive children.  

Shiatsu & Do-In Yoga Consultations 


You can attend one of my Do-In yoga classes or book me for a shiatsu massage or personalised Do-In yoga session.